Common Ground’s New Integrative Wellness Program

Support a participant in Common Ground’s new Integrative Wellness Program, which offers multi-modality care for 40 individuals with anxiety, depression, or hypertension.

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Common Ground’s Integrative Wellness Program supports individuals with anxiety, depression or hypertension by offering 12 weeks of coordinated wellness services in proven modalities: mindfulness-based counseling (5 group sessions), acupuncture (24 treatments), massage therapy (3 one-hour massages), yoga and meditation (12 classes). Through this innovative program, community members from diverse economic backgrounds will make lasting changes in their health through the combined effects of multiple wellness practices, peer support, and the expertise of senior practitioners.

“Being [part] of the Common Ground community this past year has been an incredible gift. Common Ground's commitment to healing has helped change my life – through yoga, meditation, acupuncture and many workshops. [Common Ground’s] amazing team that touches so many. Words cannot describe how grateful I am.” – C. Evans, Common Ground yoga instructor and client