Yoga, Acupuncture, & Massage For Low-Income Individuals

Help make the health benefits of yoga, acupuncture, and massage available to low-income individuals in our community.

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Every day, Common Ground makes a difference in the wellbeing of our community by offering services on a sliding scale at our anchor location in the Jefferson School City Center. That means a low-income individual can take a yoga class for $3, or receive an acupuncture treatment for $20. Our practitioners are some of the best in town, and there's nothing like Common Ground anywhere else in the country.

In our first year, there were more than 7,000 visits to our Jefferson School location, and approximately 25% of those clients had an income that was at or below federal poverty standards.

Ms. Ingrid was able to experience acupuncture thanks to our commitment to accessible pricing and support from generous individuals who understand the benefits of Common Ground’s services and want to extend them to those in the community who otherwise wouldn't have access to them.

“[Common Ground’s services] helped me come out of a place I never thought I could go. I put my faith in Common Ground because I said I would never do acupuncture, but it made me feel like a new person.” – Ms. Ingrid

“Common Ground… offer[s] my clients reduced rate acupuncture, massages and yoga classes. One client…was very pleased with the acupuncture and had several treatments focusing on her knee pain and then received some relief. Another client attends yoga classes regularly and has lost about 20 pounds since early spring. I feel fortunate to be able to offer my clients exposure to these services because of the generosity of Common Ground.” - Nurse Practitioner, Martha Jefferson Starr Hill Health Center